dimanche 21 août 2016

Erudite Stoner - Erudite Stoner

Acoustic / Metal /Classic / Post-Metal / Instrumental


Review Summary: An instrumental introspection, take the journey of opening your mind.

There are not many bands that gives you the feeling that you can let go and relax while listening to their music. Erudite Stoner, a one man project from Brazil does exactly that. Using influences from classical and post-metal Erudite Stoner has crafted an instrumental story that makes you think about your own life. That is probably because of his writing method, late at night when moments of reflection came to him. This self-titled release is his first and let’s be honest, it’s already an awesome release.

When it comes to instrumental, you have to be able to tell words or give feelings that a voice and lyrics would, but only with your instruments. In this case, Erudite Stoner did an awesome job. Most of his melodies have a blend of classical and dark-folk feel allowing you to drift away and imagine the journey of the story. Although the story is open to interpretation, it is about that moment when you realize that there is so much more in the World than what you know and embark on a soul searching journey. Songs act like different stages of the journey, each one perfectly expressing the feeling and surroundings of the moment. The happiness of a Ride To Nowhere, full of curiosity and energy while being Far Away From City Walls, to the melancholic realization that There Is No Home. Waiting For The Storm sees Erudite Stoner building up intensity to end on a saturated electric guitar riff, describing the arrival of a storm. What makes this album and story open to interpretation is that is basically tells the story of opening your mind and realizing that all you know might not be the only thing out there. It can apply to a lot of situations from a real journey to opening up to different musical genres.

Finding weaknesses on this album is a tough job, but the first that came to mind was the length. It last for thirty three minutes, which is a little short, especially when you’re deeply relaxed and thinking while listening to the album. Highlights from this release are probably the opener Spiritual Deliverance and the seven minutes long Roads to Somewhere that builds up an entire atmosphere of hope. The album ends on the classically influenced Left Behind that acts both as a perfect closer yet leaves you wanting for more as it only last for a minute and forty seconds.

Released in 2015, Erudite Stoner is slowly building up momentum and recognition in the Post-Metal community. Matheus Novaes released a video for his song There Is No Home in July 2016 and is currently working on releasing physical copies of his first release. The evolution of this project is definitely something to look for.

Interview with the mastermind of Erudite Stoner:

1)Why the name Erudite Stoner?

This name is open for interpretations and has many meanings, one of them is that sums my guitar playing style, i had classical guitar classes but i didn't had the discipline that a erudite musician must have. The Stoner denomination sums this for me, escape from something pretty straight forward and expected

2)What are your influences and what bands played a role in the shaping of your album?

I had influence of classical guitar, shoegaze, slowcore and post-metal. Alcest and Gustavo Santaolalla influenced the shaping of my album.

3)How was the album created? What are the meaning of the songs to you? Do the titles have special meanings?

The songs from my album has a special meaning for me even more for being my first album. All songs was composed on the late, when i was alone and there was silence, were moments of reflection that became songs. The titles were created to give a context to the album, because there is a story to be told on this record.

4)What is the future for Erudite Stoner or you as a musician?

Step by step i'm reaching some goals, recently i released an official video in in partnership with my girlfriend Babi Bertagnoli. I want to release physical copies of my debut album, i'm working in some compositions but i have other tasks to do beyond the music.

Sputnikmusic link:
Bandcamp: https://eruditestoner.bandcamp.com/releases

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